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BADM 509 University of Illinois at Urbana Sony Technology Paper

  • Briefly describe the external environment of the organization (e.g., complexity, stability, uncertainty, task and general environment), including recent trends, disruptive forces etc. (Kevin)
  • Describe the culture of the organization (Kevin + Spencer)
  • Sony’s vision by founder Ibuka
    • To provide an environment where engineers can exercise their creativity wholeheartedly to develop technologies that satisfy the world and their own goals and visions
  • Sony aims to create a working environment for employees to pursue new challenges that further develops their own passion and career
    • Strives to provide on the job training and education
      • Provides programs for employees to develop skills they are interested in
  • Sony’s culture recently
    • Organizational culture is focused on customer satisfaction
      • 3 major focuses
        • Reliable
          • Seeks to satisfy customer needs and expectations
          • Ensures that employees are able to answer questions and respond to those customer expectations and concerns
          • Ex: Playstation
          • Redesign and provide necessities that meet player’s gaming expectations
        • Credible
          • Training for employees is based on customer feedback
          • Adjust standards and procedures based on customer feedback
        • Cordial
          • Seeks to provide better customer service.
          • Friendly interaction between employees and customers
          • Goal is to increase possibility of sales and to attract more customers into Sony stores.
      • The focus on customer satisfaction
        • Advantage
          • Increase sales
          • Through indirect marketing
          • Good customer experience = more chances of returning customer and new customers
          • Offers positive impact on employees
          • The focuses of culture between employee and customer is also exhibited between employee relationships between each other
        • Disadvantage
          • Lack of innovation (despite Sony’s mission and value statement)
          • Not enough institutional support on an innovative culture

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  • Briefly describe the organization’s approach to power and change


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