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Barry University TV Show Character Comprehensive Mental Health Report

Part 1

Using course material as a guide, each student will submit a complete mental health report based on a client/character of their choosing. Students may choose the client/character from a source of their choosing. The client/character can be from a book, TV show, or movie. (Examples: Olivia Pope-Scandal, Boo Radley-To Kill a Mockingbird, Precious Jones- Precious, Gatsby-The Great Gatsby, Joe Exotic- Tiger King, etc.). The report is to include the following elements: (a) detailed case conceptualization (see following elements), (b) biopsychosocial assessment, (c) mental status examination, (d) treatment plan.  

As part of the initial intake other forms may be required (i.e., informed consent, authorization for release of information etc.). It is understood that the student may be required to embellish the case scenario in order to provide for a complete report.

Part 2

Based on your “client’s” issue (or what brought him/her into counseling), identify a critical and/or special issue in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Read at least 6-8 scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles describing the issue, counseling implications, assessment, evidenced based interventions and other interventions, and competencies, etc. and prepare an APA style literature review and bibliography – try to keep the articles within the last 7 years, if possible. Your writing may be guided by the following headings:

Definition of the Critical and/or Special Issue

Literature Review Regarding the Issue (this heading will likely take a few paragraphs)

Comprehensive Assessment, including individual and systems approaches (assessments that aid in diagnosis and treatment of this issue and address any cultural bias in the implementation or interpretation of protocols).

Specific Evidence-Based Interventions and other Interventions (detailed descriptions for the interventions should be included)

  1. Challenges for Clinical Mental Health Counselors based on this issue; include how you will recognize your own limitations and where you’ll seek guidance
  2. Ethical Considerations and how they would be addressed
  3. Multicultural or Diversity issues and how they will be addressed
  4. Proposed Advocacy Intervention (detailed description of an advocacy project that could be used to address this issue)
  5. Referral Organizations and Resources for Clients who are experiencing this concern (include contact information and brief descriptions of the organizations and/or resources)


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