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Barstow Community College Art Questions

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1- This assignment asks you to write a formal and functional analysis of the Sumerian artwork Standing Male Worshipper.

Step 1: Watch the video on the Standing Male Worshipper

Step 2: Read the three PDFs “Formal Analysis Terms Part 1,” “Formal Analysis Terms Part 2,” and “Formal Analysis Terms Part 3

Step 3: Answer the following questions.

1-Describe the formal qualities of the work. Write one sentence each describing the proportion of the figure, color, line, shape, and texture. (5 sentences total)

2-Functional Analysis: What was it used for? In other words, what was its function? (1-2 sentences

2-Visiting Babylon

  1. Why characteristics made the site desirable in antiquity?
  2. What building materials were used to create the walls of Babylon?
  3. What ancient “wonder of the world” was in Babylon?

The Ishtar Gate

1-What king made Babylon a major political center?

2-What are the animals on the processional way leading to the gate?

3-The dragons on the gate are made up of what parts from what animals?

3-Step 1: Watch a video on the Law Code Stela of Hammurabi

Answer the following questions: (1-2sentences each)

  1. On the Stela, the god Shamash gives the laws to Hammurabi. Visually, how do we know Shamash is a god?
  2. Why would Hammurabi want the stela to have both pictorial and written components?

Step 2: Read an English translation of the cuneiform writing on the Stele. You only need to read laws #3, 6, 196, 197, 229, 230, 231.

Answer the following questions: (1-2 sentences each)

  1. How does the image at the top of the stele relate to the law code below?
  2. What is Shamash’s position and size in comparison to Hammurabi? What does this tell the viewer about their relationship? (3 points)
  3. In reading laws #3, 6, 196, 197, 229, 230, 231, how does justice work under Hammurabi’s law code? (3 points)


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