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Barstow Community College Logistics of Amazon Discussion

I’m working on a supply chain multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Read the attached article and discuss the Pros and Cons of this new law. Its benefits and impacts to the logistics of the Amazon franchise. Please cite your work.

Article: Newsom signs bill taking aim at labor practices in Amazon warehouses


Vanessa Greenlee

I think there is a lot of pros and cons for the warehouse workers for this new law (AB 701). Some pros of this new law is that employees will be able to take the appropriate rest breaks they need. Employees will also be able to take their lunch breaks as well as a bathroom breaks without being discipline. Employees don’t have to worry about being fired if they don’t meet their quotas. This bill also protects employees to work safely without any worries. For the cons employees could also take advantage of this law because they may want to take extra long bathroom breaks. Another con is material slash packages may not be overnighted and may be delayed. This law prohibits employees to be fired for failing to meet quotas so the employees can fight the off task complaints. Some benefits to the logistics of the Amazon franchise is that the company can possibly hire more employees and impossible be able to have more reasonable quotas for their employees. The impact to the logistics of Amazon franchise is that Amazon will now have to report and disclose although warehouse productivity report requirements as well as report their employees work speed metrics that they set for them. This new bill gives employees an equal opportunity to fight for what is right in the warehouse and allows the employees to work in safer working conditions they trying to hurry because they have unrealistic quotas to meet.


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