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Barstow Community College Oceanography Discussion Responses

Anything weather realted blog post current event.

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Scarolet Ellis

                                                                               I have picked Sally from September 16, 2020 that hit Florida then Alabama. I came across this hurricane when I was doing my discussion for this module. I learned a lot by reading what all they have went threw. Although I have never been threw a hurricane before I have been threw a fire that can be just as devastating if not sometimes more than a hurricane. The difference is a hurricane you can come back and go threw your belongs the fire we went threw there was nothing left. So I honestly have learned a lot by reading about this hurricane it has opened my eyes up.

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Brian Parrott


Tsunamis are a series of waves that are also known as seismic waves.  These waves are caused by earthquakes.  They can also be caused by volcanic eruptions that are happening under water.  A tsunami can happen anywhere along the US coastline. The speed of a tsunami can reach up to 500 miles per hour.  Large tsunamis have occurred in Hawaii, Alaska, and along the western coast of the US.  These tsunamis were due to earthquakes along the Pacific Rim.  The Pacific Rim is considered to cover the western shores of both North and South America and along the shores of Australia, Eastern Asia, and the islands in the Pacific Ocean.  This is an important area because a lot of shipping takes place in the Pacific between the United States and China.  States with the greatest risk of being affected by a tsunami are Hawaii, Washington, California, Alaska, and Oregon.

Tsunamis can be as long as 60 miles long and as far as one hour apart.  They can be dangerous for humans because people can drown or get injured during a tsunami.  There can also be homes and businesses destroyed as well as change the landscape where people live.  Marine life can be affected because they can be carried by the currents to the shore.  Debris can be carried into the water that can harm sea life as well.  

Tsunami - latest news, breaking stories and comment - The Independent…,without%20great%20loss%20of%20energy.


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