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Barstow Community College The Muses in Greek Mythology and Art Term Paper

Final, 6-page Term Paper (not including Bibliography) (Double spaced, 12 pt type). Choose your topic from those listed below. The paper should contain a bibliography with at least six sources. Use MLA citation guidelines and formatting throughout.


Term Paper Topics – Choose One:

Option 1:

  • Find and describe ten (10) instances of Animism in our modern society.
  • Use the instances described above as examples to answer the following questions:
    • What is the connection between the animal chosen and the modern, human activity?
    • What qualities are the humans hoping to receive from the chosen animal?
    • What forms do the animistic activities take: for example: T-Shirts, toys, totem poles etc.? Be specific in your descriptions.
    • How are the real animals treated in the modern world?
    • Do the modern forms of animism really work for the humans? The animals?
    • Did animism ever really work for the animals?
    • Does the connection to an animal quality or spirit increase the human connection to the natural world?

Option 2:

The Muses in Greek Mythology and Art.

  • Who are the muses?
  • What is their history and lineage?
  • Where do they appear in Greek art and Literature and what roles do they play?
  • What modern words and institutions derive from the Muses?
  • What part, if any, do they play in your life?

Option 3:

The Egyptian Book of the Dead.

  • Research the content and the pictures of the Egyptian Book of the Dead.
  • Describe the beliefs described there.
  • Describe the Gods and Goddesses involved.
  • Compare the beliefs of the Egyptians’ concepts of death and the after-life with Christian beliefs as depicted in Medieval art.

Option 4:

Gothic style, then and now.

  • What was the Gothic Style of the 12th through the 15th centuries?
  • Describe the imagery and purposes of Gothic painting, including use of color, subject matter, spatial design and perspective.
  • How would you describe the “Gothic” Style of today as regards fashion, games, etc. Describe the purposes, subjects, images, colors, etc. of today’s Goths.
  • How does today’s concepts of what is Gothic compare with the original Gothic style? Are there similarities, differences? Are they related at all and if so, how?


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