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Baylor Gallant Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Bluetooth Monitoring Report

Expand on the outline you created for an emerging technology product related to your industry (see attached outline)

  1. Create a 4-5 page (1,500- 2,500 word) report on your selected emergent technology. You will use the outline created in module 4 and expand it into a report. Note: This report and slides are unrelated to the previous module’s revision exercise. You will use the emergent technology product from your outline to create the report and slides.
    • Your report must include:
      • Title page
      • Table of Contents page
      • Report with headings (4-5 pages here)
      • References page

Note: The front matter (title page/ table of contents) and back matter (references/ optional appendix) do not count toward page length. Any additional images or design features do not count toward page length.

  • You may stylize the report as you see fit for maximum ‘you-attitude’ appeal including color, fonts, graphics, etc. 
  • Please consider document design (HATS/ CRAP), discussed in this week’s video lecture.
  • You may select a template (Microsoft Word or similar, or design from scratch) for your report, as discussed in this week’s video lecture.
  • Include 5 sources in a consistent format. 

     2.Create a 6-slide presentation to accompany your report.

  • You may use any slides software you choose (  (Links to an external site.) and Presentation Tool Options) as long as we can view it without a subscription. You may select a template ( (Links to an external site.) or similar) or design from scratch. You must be more creative than the basic templates widely used on design software that we have all seen numerous times. 
  • Upload the slides in the original slides format. It is important to see the animation/ transitions, etc. (A PDF file will remove all animation, transitions, and gifs).
  • Slide order (note: There are 3 slides of content, and 3 for format):
    • Title/name
    • Preview
    • Point a
    • Point b
    • Point c
    • Ending slide
  • Do not include a slide with references. You can assume the audience for this presentation has your report in-hand, which contains all of the reference material. If you would like to note where data or source material comes from, do so on each slide or under a chart/graph rather than in a long list at the end.

Note: You will NOT put everything from the report into these slides. This is a visual overview of the report. The report and presentation work in tandem. Do not attempt to copy/paste elements of the report onto your slides.…CRAP Principles of Graphic Design…



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