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Baylor University Anxiety-Uncertainty Management Theory Essay

I’ve attached my previous theory essay below. I will also copy and paste the requirements for this final theory essay.

For this assignment, students will use the feedback they received on their summary to revise their background and concepts as needed, then add on to produce their final essay by May 4. The final essay will be 6-8 double-spaced pages.

Again, this essay includes the summary you already wrote (with revisions as needed); this is NOT a whole new essay.

The complete essay will consist of the following three sections; the material to be added to the theory summary is boldfaced:

  1. Theory background (about 1 page). Who originated this theory? Where/when was it originally proposed? What is its purpose? What is the central idea?
  2. Key concepts (4-5 pages). How, exactly, does the theory work? Identify, define, and explain each concept and how the concepts work together to form the theory. For each concept, provide a specific example that you have experienced personally, that someone you know has experienced, that you read in the journal articles, or that you have seen in fiction (book, movie, TV show, etc.).
  3. Connections (1-2 pages). How does this theory compare to other specific theories we have discussed in class? What concepts are similar to other theories we’ve discussed? What sets it apart from the theories to which it is similar?

As with the theory summary, the three journal sources must be cited in APA style where they are used within the text and listed on a separate works cited page (not part of the page count). Students also should cite any media sources they use for examples (if they do not use examples from personal experience) as well as any sources they use in the Connections section.

All assignments should be in 11-point Calibri or 12-point Times New Roman type with one-inch margins on each side. Note that a full page runs all the way to all four margins.

At the top of the first page, please put only your name and then hit return/enter. Do not put any additional space between your name and the start of your essay. Do not include a title. Do not include anything in your essay other than the outlined requirements; any extra material will be deducted from the page total.

Essays with no sources cited will receive 0 credit. Essays also will be run for plagiarism; no credit will be given for submissions that directly copy any part of any other work.


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