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BCC Animated Life Pangea Cornerstone of Unbiased Scientific Inquiry Discussion

The New York Times. (2015, Feb. 17).  Animated Life: Pangea | Op-Docs | The New York Times [Video file]. Retrieved from

After watching this video discuss why having an open mind and objectivity is a key cornerstone of unbiased scientific inquiry. What can possibly go wrong when scientists are closed-minded, set in their ways and biased? Is it possible to be completely unbiased?



Ivan Medellin

After watching the video, I think why having an open mind is a key cornerstone in scientific inquiry is for the reason it gives science a method of investigation of nature and it allows the discovery of new knowledge we previously did not know. When we have open mind sets we get to have different ideas that open up for different ways of thinking. I think we have move forward in human society for the reason that many people have become open minded. We have come a long way in science and exploration. I think what can happen if a scientist is closed-minded, is if a scientist is closed minded the scientist many be left with no new knowledge. With a closed mind a scientist will not be able to investigate or learn new ideas or knowledge. When it come to being unbiased I do not think it is possible, I Think as humans we have opinions and favorites that would make judgment unfair to an idea or experiment. I feel it is impossible to factor out are opinions and favorites its in are human nature to have these ideas. I think their are steps we take in to trying to make are opinions or ideas less unbiased but it will not be one-hundred percent. We do are best to get to being unbiased and try to get as close as we can to this idea.


Elizabeth Landeros Medellin

After watching the short story of Alfred Wegener and his ambitious to find some new scientific discovery is important to keep a open mind and objectivity and becoming unbiased to have the opportunity of new discoveries and scientific facts to be proven by all that might have a new theory or advancing research that is for the better interest of our planet. Many things can go wrong when our leading scientist have a close mind. The possibility of advanced and extended information that can improve humanity can be at risk due to a close minded scientist. In my believes if a scientist is being introduced with new knowledge specially coming from a person who is not a professional in that subject or category in society it can become biased with some jealousy or anger towards discoveries being found in a field that they don’t belong too. Some scientist can become threaten and instead of helping out and assisting in the discoveries or extended research they can jeopardize the scietific evolution. I think its in our human nature to want to be right and for that reason it is impossible to be completely unbiased. We live in a society that we are thought at a early age to listen and respect everyone’s opinion. However we make are our decisions on people and what they say to us. Scientist cannot be completely be biased, they have the responsibility to listen respect and make a decision whether enough facts make a good theory or new discovery to prosed. 


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