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BCC Have You Ever Been on A Diet to Lose or Gain Weight Discussion

Have you ever been on a diet to lose or gain weight and what was it? What were the results? Did you keep the weight off or how long did it take to gain the weight back or did you keep the weight on or lose it? Would recommend this diet and why or why not?

If you have never been on a diet, then ask a relative or close friend who has been on a diet these questions and give us their answers.


Frank Baird

I have done diets in the past to lose weight but they did not work. Until I started intermediate fasting. I also cut my food in half and this helps me manage my food intake. Sometimes I will choose not to add carbs to my plate. I have found overall intermediate fasting helps me maintain the weight that I want to be at. When I stop doing this I gained the weight back. My body has now adapted to the times that I scheduled myself to eat. When I stopped the intermediate fasting it takes me about two months to gain all the weight back that I have fought to lose. I would recommend intermediate fasting to anyone. When people talk to me about losing weight this is my first suggestion along with cutting their food in half.


Javeon Fleming

Hello, yes I have been on an diet to lose weight before. In June I joined Fitness Md’s win to lose challenge of the non-coached. At first I cut out eating unhealthy snacks like cereal as well. And then I implemented green smoothies, and only ate chicken and lean steak once an day for about 10 days, and after the 10th day, I still drunk an green smoothie every morning I started off weighting 183 and at the final weigh in, I weighed 158, and won the challenge for the non-coached. Although after I ate some big meals, I gained 3-5 pounds back in two weeks, it takes centuries to lose and hard work, but it’s the opposite to gain it back, but I would definitely recommend the diet, look up green smoothie by JJ, it works great. 


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