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Bellevue University The Difficult Customer Scenario Discussion

Read the following scenario and consider what kind of conversation you will have with your employee:

You are the manager on duty when one of your employees approaches you and asks for help. He looks extremely frustrated. He is tapping his toe as he talks to you and says, ”I can’t believe how much time I have spent with this one customer over the past half hour! First, he wanted to see all the different styles of ceramic tile we have in stock. I worked with him for about fifteen minutes, but he just couldn’t decide on which style he wanted. So, he went to the back of the store and sat down so he could study the tile selection some more. After ten minutes or so, he came back up to me and I had to explain everything to him again. We were just starting the midday rush, and other customers were coming in and getting impatient, waiting for him to make a decision. Finally, he decided on a Moroccan tile for his bathroom. I helped him get the tile he needed, then started helping the other customers who had been waiting. Now he’s back, saying he’s changed his mind and demanding that I explain all the choices again so he can choose another style!”

As the manager, you need to help your employee resolve this problem. Your employee is upset and the customer is visibly angry and unhappy. The customer changed his mind and he wants you to fix it. You need to get to the root of the problem so you can find a good solution for the customer and the employee.

In Microsoft Word, develop a 300-400 word (double-spaced) paper using course content and outside research related to difficult conversations:

  1. Outline the conversation you would have with your employee and the customer to address the issue in The Difficult Customer scenario.
  2. Identify the communication model you would use to structure your conversation, include what you would say in the conversation, and how both the employee and the customer would respond. Your conversation should present the best possible solution to this issue.
  3. Include a conclusion summarizing how your conversation would positively resolve the issue for both the customer and the employee.


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