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Berkeley College Sports Ethics and Professional Sports Team Discussion

Ethic of Sports: Participants must create a thread in 250 words minimum for the post addressing the questions:

Ricky Metal owned a professional sports team. A veteran businessman, Metal had owned his team for decades. One evening, in the privacy of his own home, Metal was recorded making racially insensitive remarks about African-Americans and persons of color. The recording was released to the media and a firestorm erupted. Upon hearing the comments on the recording, media personalities called for Metal to step down from his role as team owner. The commissioner of the league called for an investigation, the results of which found that Metal was in fact the person recorded.

The commissioner condemned the remarks, and the league then immediately ordered a lifetime ban for Metal, effectively disassociating him from the league and forcing Metal to sell the team.

1. Did the commissioner act ethically in addressing the concern? By what theories?

2. What impact would the league’s decision have on bridging the perceived racial divide? What further ethical leadership can/should the league provide on this issue?

Ethic of Sports: Answer each question in 7-10 full sentences. What are some racial and ethnical stereotypes that exist about athletes or sport? Are such stereotypes ethical? Why? Why is it ethically important to eliminate gender discrimination in sports?

Corporate Finance:In your own words 600 words that really dive into the topic:

1. Go to Yahoo! Finance or another source and pick a stock to track for the last year. Discuss the performance of the stock over the last year and offer your thoughts being specific about why the stock has done well or not.

2. What are some reasons that a company might choose common stock as means of financing their business rather than using debt? Also comment on why a company might choose debt over common stock.

3. What effect do increasing inflation expectations have on the required returns of investors in common stock?


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