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BIO 307 UArizona Global Campus Elderly Persons Aging Process Interview

 interview an elderly person about the biological changes they have observed and experienced. The person you interview should be at least 65 years old. It can be a family member, a neighbor, or an acquaintance. Plan to schedule a time to conduct the interview by telephone, or in person. Once the interview has been conducted you will submit a paper in week 7 where you summarize the interview and describe how the interviewee’s experiences relate to course content, and finally participate in an evaluation/sharing what you learned discussion in week 8 that will be held in class presenting your questions and your experience to class. 

This National Institute for Health (NIH) website provides tips to medical professionals about how to best communicate with older patients: 

Some of these tips may not be relevant if you interview someone you know well, but others may be helpful. Read them while thinking about the person you plan to interview for this project, and comment on at least two tips that you may use during the interview.   

Then write five (5) interview questions. At least four of the questions should be focused on the biology of aging, and how aging has impacted various body systems. One question may be about the social aspect of aging.  

Sample questions: 

When you think about how your body has changed over the years, in which body parts have you experienced the most change? (Hints: skin, heart, hair, eyes, ears, brain, bones etc.).  

If you are taking any prescription medicines, and feel comfortable sharing, what are these medicines for? At what age did you start taking these medicines?  

How would you define successful aging?  

You cannot use these sample questions for this interview   

Before you begin asking questions, inform the person being interviewed that: 

this interview is being conducted as part of a class assignment for a biology of aging course, so most of the questions will focus on changes in the body. 

they should only answer the questions they feel comfortable answering. 

you will not include their name or other identifying information in your paper, only their age and gender. 


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