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BIOL 101 UMGC WK 6 Perspective of Evolution & Birth Process Discussion

1. We often consider the age-old argument of evolution versus creationism. Do these two concepts need to be exclusive of one another? Is it possible to rephrase it evolution AND Creationism?  Even if one disagrees with evolution from a “beginning-earth” perspective, would it be fair to say that natural selection, and thus evolution is ongoing? Please do a little research on the subject and then share your thoughts and have a constructive and healthy debate.

An associated topic I am going to add here is the role of human fitness in human evolution.  How do you think the manner in which we, as a human race on this planet, live our lives has an impact on our fitness and potential to evolve?  (For example, how has reproductive technology impacted the overall “health” of our future generations?)

2. Reply to two classmates.

DB1, Brett Dash:

I think it is possible to rephrase it to evolution and creationism. I do not believe that humans and other species were specifically created by a single entity but I do believe that some kind of entity created the start of the universe. Natural selection and evolution is still ongoing. Human fitness plays a big role in the evolution of the human race. With the advancements in technology leading to better nutrition and health monitoring we are starting to already see the effects of human evolution. In the 1960 Olympics Armin Harry won the gold medal in the 100m event running a time of 10.20. You could not qualify for the Olympics running the 100m in 10.20 seconds. Top high school athletes that run the 100m are running in equal or less than 10.20 seconds. Usain Bolt currently holds the world record for 100m, running it in 9.58 seconds at the 2009 World Track and Field Championships.


1960 Olympic 100m Men Results:

All-Time Track and Field Top 10 Boys:

Track and Field World Records:


DB2, Devonte Harrow:

When discussing creation and evolution, it’s important to understand the difference between the two. Creation in regard to Earth’s history is the belief that organisms originated from something/someone and relies on an untestable explanation. Evolution on the other hand takes on a more scientific role. Evolutionism is the process of organisms developing from earlier generations. Scientists from around the world came up with the idea that there was once a small body of water, filled with many different organic compounds that eventually reacted to the light from the sun. Over time, those compounds began to combine and develop into what we call protein. This process of evolution created life as we know it today. I do believe both creation and evolution work hand in hand because there wouldn’t be an evolution if there was no starting point.

In order for the human race to evolve, what we do with our time and body plays a major role. If we were to simply live and not take care of our well-being, our bodies will begin to deteriorate before it had the chance to reproduce. What we eat allows us to continue living and survive on this planet. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle also allows us to grow physically and mentally which affects our children in the future.



Marshall, M. (2016, October 31). Earth – The secret of how life on Earth began. BBC.


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