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Blog Genre Analysis

Part I:

This assignment asks you to conduct an analysis of a genre you are interested in exploring in more detail in anticipation of the final project for this course. To assist with this, find 3-5 artifacts within the selected genre and analyze along the lines of the questions below. Depending on the genre, some of the questions below may be more or less relevant. Adapt and interpret as needed for the genre you’ve selected.

Questions to Address as part of your analysis:

Assessing the rhetorical situation of the genre:

  • In what contexts does the genre appear? How and when is it used? With what other genres does this genre interact?
  • What topics, issues, and ideas does this genre address? What content does it ignore?
  • Who uses the genre?
    • Consider both writers and readers for this question: who writes the texts in this genre? Who reads the texts in this genre? What characteristics must writers in this genre possess? Under what circumstances do readers read the genre?
  • Why do writers write this genre and why do readers read it? What purposes does the genre fulfill for the people who use it?

Identifying the patterns of the genre:

  • What content is typically included? What is excluded? How is the content treated? What sort of examples are used? What counts as evidence (personal testimony, facts, etc)?
  • What rhetorical appeals are used? Specifically, appeals to ethos, pathos, and logos?
  • How are the texts in the genre structured? What are their parts, and how are they organized?
  • In what format are texts in this genre presented? What layout or appearance is common? How long is a typical text of this genre?
  • What kind of voice and style are appropriate and particular to this genre?

Analyzing the meanings of the patterns:

  • What do participants have to know, believe, or understand to appreciate the genre?
  • Who is invited into the genre? Who is excluded?
  • What values, beliefs, goals, and/or assumptions are revealed through the genre?
  • What content is considered most important? What content (topic, details etc) is ignored?
  • What actions does the genre help make possible? What actions does the genre make difficult?
  • What attitude toward readers is implied in the genre? What attitude toward the world is implied in it?

Part II:

Writer’s Memo:

Please turn in a writer’s memo with your essay. The writer’s memo should:

  • Be 300-350 words
  • Explain how/why you incorporated (or not) feedback from peers and/or myself and/or a tutor and/or a family member 
  • What risks did you take in composing this piece? 
  • Briefly articulate 1 thing you think went well. Why do you feel good about this? 
  • Briefly articulate 1 thing you want to revise. Why do you want to revise?  
  • What are1-2 aspects you would like specific feedback from me on? 
  • Identify at least 1 skill you practiced in this assignment. How might you draw on this skill in future classes? In life beyond the classroom?


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