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Bowie State University A Little Pretty Pocket Book Discussion

?the second task is to reply or Comment to my classmate’s discussion ?start the reply with first sentence is that i agree with or i like what ….

Sara response = The first aspect that would convince me to buy my child this book is in the preface of the text. It mentions how a parent should instruct and raise their child. It talks about picking the right nurse for her child and what diet they should eat. They mentioned that they should eat common foods and not indulgent ones so that they do not become like the aristocratic children. It also mentions that they should not have pompous clothing. These values the book says will help instruct the child so that he or she grows up to be what the parents want them to be.

     Second, there is a moral after every leisure story in the book. Many of the stories are based on leisure activities at the time. And I as a parent during this time believe that my children should have time for leisure but also that this is a period where they are learning how to transition into living like an adult. So these morals at the end of the story will help them do these leisure activities in a way that helps them learn and grow as people. It will teach them morals. And instruct them on how to do them and what lessons that they can learn from them.

     Finally, what will stick out to me is the book of rules for my children towards the latter part of the book. It instructs them on how to act at school, church, home, at the table, in conversation, and even while traveling. It is like a manners book. So there’s aspects of it that help the children still enjoy their leisure activities, but also it instructs them on how to grow into a good adult. So the book will not only entertain the child but also teach them manners along with it. Another way it will help the child’s leisure activities is that it includes music. Which at this time I as a parent would not have much access to. So this is another way in which my child’s life can be enriched is  through music.


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