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Bowie State University Cyber Security Capstone Reflection Paper

Part A (Reflection) – 10 point

Reflect on the impact of the course. How has the following changed since the start of the semester? I recommend using your responses for Lab 1 to identify any shifts. You must write at least four sentences for each area:

  1. Personal Security
  2. Computer Security
  3. Internet Security
  4. Mobile Security
  5. Privacy.

.Part B (Course Artifact) – 30 points

Please provide a link to your LinkedIn post.

Write an article ( on LinkedIn #BUIS367 #BowieBold that demonstrates a new competency you developed in class (what did you learn). This is not a post, this is an article. The post limits the amount of text you can share. The article is similar to a blog page on LinkedIn

  • Share a few of the experiences including assignments, NCL, Raspberry Pi, training, and materials. (10 points). This must be at least ten sentences.
  • Utilizing the experiences, craft training, and tutorial to support others (10 points). This must be at least ten sentences.
    • Example: If you found Nessus interesting, how could they safely perform a Nessus scan? You would provide an overview of Nessus, setup instructions, and how to complete a Nessus scan.
  • Share a reflection. What questions or new knowledge did you acquire? What do you need to consider or do as a result of this course? Where do you go from here? (10 points). This must be at least ten sentences.
  • Part C
  • Consider three aspects of privacy that are pertinent to an organization (ie What does an organization need to protect)? Document these three aspects and provide strategies and/or solutions to maintain privacy. Responses should be at least six sentences each. (6 pts)
  • How are Internet browsers protecting your security – provide 5 examples with a two-sentence supporting explanation for each of the examples? (5 pts)
  • Review two Gmail-plugins (or your email provider) available to help manage phishing and inbox overload. Provide the plug-in name, URL, and a two-sentence description (5 pts – 2.5 pts each)


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