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Bowie State University General Manner of Human Communication Discussion

must read the source that I assigned below only. outside sources that I don’t provide are not accepted and I will request a refund.

its an analysis literature class

🛑the assignment is this below ⬇️

Discuss how these stories allow listeners/readers to experience playing with language. What does it mean to you, “play with language”? How does each work encourage you do it?

300words or more

Read Kipling’s “How the Camel Got His Hump” and Jacobs’ “Henny Penny”. You may enjoy listening to them read to you which is the way both writers expected most children to experience them.




🛑the second task is to reply or Comment to my classmate’s discussion 🛑start the reply with first sentence is that i agree with or i like what ….

student 1 In “Henny Penny” the author plays with rhyming names or names that start with the same letter. He is using names and words to add a playful nature to his work. It also makes the story more fun and interesting for children to hear read out loud. Sometimes the author even makes up words, but they still make sense in the context that they are written. To me, playing with language means making up words or using alliterations or other verbal tactics to make the writing more playful and amusing. In “How the Camel Got His Hump” the author uses a sort of made up word “humph” or at least a word to describe a sound as a play on the word “hump.” He used this word as the center of the story. It encourages the reader to play with the meaning of words like “hump” when he turns it into a sort of snuff the camel does. Playing with language means sometimes ignoring certain grammar rules or making up new ones. In some cases authors decide to play inside rules such as rhyme. For example the title “Henny Penny” has a rhyming name. Each work lets the reader know it’s okay to play with words because they are showing us examples of where they did it and the work still makes sense. Especially since during that time period people were just starting to go away from expressed morals and conduct literature it was a was to make the stories and poems more enjoyable for children.


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