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Bowie State University Robin Hood and Molly Whuppie Discussion

must read the source that I assigned below only. outside sources that I don’t provide are not accepted and I will request for a refund.!!!

i need it to be a discussion post its a literature class

2 task

🛑the assignment is this below ⬇️ 🛑

🛑FIRST TASK IS Discussion

We have an eclectic set of heroes for today! A classical warrior hero from early medieval China, a peasant girl from an early modern British folktale, and a legendary bandit from medieval England. One basic characteristic in all the stories is how they all challenge or break boundaries (social, physical, and/or legal).

For today’s discussion forum, please write 2 paragraphs 250 words about anything here that interests you. (One topic that never fails to come up is whether Robin Hood is a trickster hero or antihero. Another is why Molly Whuppie – another trickster – does what she does.) If you’ve seen/read other versions of the stories, you can talk about them, too (*ahem* Disney). Then write a question, and respond to a classmate’s question.

must read the source that I assigned below only



Molly Whuppie



Robin Hood





🛑the second task is to reply or comment on my classmate’s discussion with 50-100 words 🛑start the reply with the first sentence is that I agree with or I like or I think or I actually etc…

Sara fatz response = Molly Whuppie

I decided to read Molly Whuppie because I’ve never heard about her before. Molly is a very clever trickster girl, she was able to fool a giant. Her journey began when her parents abandoned her and her two sisters in the woods, she was the youngest of the three. Molly and her sisters ended up at a giant’s house asking for help, Molly was so smart she didn’t fall into the giant’s trap and was able to manage to escape with her sisters from the giant’s house. This makes me wonder how did she know she and her sisters were in danger?

After escaping from the giant’s house, she went to see the king. The king asked Molly to return to the giant’s house to steal his sword. Molly was so brave and confident that she could steal the sword, she went back to the giant’s house and stole his sword, and escape again. Molly went back to the giant’s house two more times to steal the giant’s purse and ring. Molly was so clever she was able to trick the giant and stole both items and escape once again from the giant’s house without getting hurt. Molly and her sisters married the king’s sons and never saw the giant again.

My question is did Molly go back to look for her parents after she married the king’s son?


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