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BSU Cruising Foods, LLC Marketing and PR Strategy Presentation

Marketing & Public Relations Strategy: A final project is required to earn full credit for this course. The final project applies what you learned about small business and entrepreneurial marketing (if you are taking the class for a real business, then apply learning to your organization). The assignments for each week of the course contribute to and inform the final project. The project will bring all the previous assignments together into a single strategic marketing strategy and tactical plan that is actionable by the student for their business. Students will design a Marketing and PR strategy using today’s available tools and platforms to increase visibility and sales. Strategic planning which includes marketing sets the tone for how business products and services influences the purchasing decisions of consumers. Each student will serve in the role of a business owner of a company. Final Marketing and Public Relations strategies must be typed, double-spaced using 1” margins, and will be graded on its quality (thorough analysis of each component), insights, usefulness, practicality, and communication effectiveness (e.g., flow, readability, comprehension, spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.). 

A. Overview Section 

Company Overview 

Product and/or Service Description 

  • Brand Promise and Experience 
  • Target Customer
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Unique Selling Proposition or Value Proposition
  • B. Online Marketing Strategy (What will you use to help you achieve your goals? Why?-
  • – Online Sales and Marketing Goals (Traffic, sales, leads, brand awareness, etc.) 

– Online Platform Strategy (the online platforms for your engagement: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.  pick your main ones and explain why those.)

– The objective of Each Platform (call to action, the role it plays) 

-Marketing Funnel

C. Online Tactical Plan

– New Website/Web Redesign Search Engine Optimization Tactics E-mail Strategy

– Online Advertising Campaign Social Media Content Plan

– • Website optimization/analytics plan 

– • Viral Marketing Tactics and Opportunities 

– Traditional Media and Advertising Campaign

– Online PR Campaign

D. Marketing Execution Plan:

1- Budget (approximate numbers or percentages of the amount of your revenue you will spend on marketing)

2- Tracking and Analysis (How you plan to analyze performance/measure success) 


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