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BU A Raisin in the Sun Essay

This is a two-part question: Be sure to not plagiarize and review the requirements of each part.

Part ONE

A Raisin in the Sun raises all kinds of challenging questions about the culture of cities, moves to fair housing, finding a part of the American Dream which meant homeownership, and the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement. At the heart of the play is Mrs. Younger (Mama); she anchors the family. Part of the play is also about her passing the torch to her son. What strategies does Ms. Younger use to build her son (Walter Lee, Jr.) and daughter (Benetha) and her daughter-in-law (Ruth)? End your secondary postings with a question to increase conversation.

Part One Essay Requirements: Your primary posting should be 250 words and your primary posting should also make use of two secondary sources. It’s always a good idea to try to include some dialogue from the play too.

Part TWO

“A Raisin in the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry, tells the story of a black family’s experiences in south Chicago as they attempt to improve their financial circumstances with an insurance payout following the death of the father. In your essay, you will write a critical response to Hansberry’s dramatic work by responding to one of the three following essay prompts.

Essay Prompt: Choose one of the following three prompts to respond to:

  • The play is prefaced by a Langston Hughes poem. In what ways does the play illustrate the theme(s) of the poem? How does the poem serve as a ‘guide’ for how we understand the play’s theme (s)?
  • In what ways is Hansberry challenging stereotypes and narrow representations of African Americans in the play? How does Hansberry’s play speak to the legacy of slavery in our country as well as the long-lasting reverberating waves of racism as a result of our slave legacy?
  • The play was written and produced over 60 years ago. To what extent do you think that conflicts and issues presented in the play are still relevant? How does Hansberry’s play make you reflect on the state of race relations in the US today?

Part Two Essay Requirements: 1,200 words and be sure to support your response with textual evidence (quotes and citations) from the play itself. Make use of at least three scholarly sources to support and develop your ideas


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