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BUS 082 San Jose City College Media Content Marketing Discussion



To make sure your social media marketing plan succeeds, you can’t just publish the same cat photo over and over again, and nor can you consistently post promotional content.

Content sharing on social media is about two primary things, curated content and created content.

Instructions: Create the content your Consumers want to read. Answer these five questions to assist with developing your content strategy. Please keep in mind that a consumer can be an individual, a business, or a strategic partner.

1. What are they interested in?

2. What are their pain points?

3. What kind of content do they want?

4. What is a confusing or complex part of your industry?

5. What do they need to accomplish their goals?


Social media influencers can make or break your social media marketing plan.

Getting “in with” a solid list of your industry’s leaders means brand awareness, content engagement, legitimacy and trust.

Think about it. If a well-known and respected individual in your industry re-posted and Tweeted your photo, blog post, or article to their 572,000 Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Followers what could you expect?

  • A huge influx of traffic to the article, blog post, or photo increasing its organic reach and (probably) SEO ranking.
  • An increased awareness of you as an individual and your business as a brand. The traffic driven to the blog would beget subsequent social shares and comments.
  • An increased trust you as an individual and your businesses’ brand. Even if they don’t know you, they trust the industry leader/influencer, and if the industry leader/influencer trusts you that’s good enough for a huge proportion of their Followers.

And it works for every industry. Every single one has thought-leaders to whom people look for inspiration, thought-leadership and to “tell them what’s important.”

Instructions: Please complete Steps 1 and 2

Step 1 – Identify the top 3 Social Media Platforms that you will utilize to help build brand awareness, drive sales, generate leads, and create a community around your brand.




Please also identify an additional industry specific social media platform not listed above.


Step 2 – Identify 2 Social Media Influencers that you will utilize to help build brand awareness, drive sales, generate leads, and create community around your brand.



Answer the following questions:

1. Context: How does this person fit with my brand? Sure, Lady Gaga might have more than a few social media followers, but if she promotes your SEO consulting business will any of them care?

#2. Reach: Does this person have a network it would be valuable for me to reach? This can be size of network, but it can also be how passionate that network is about the subject. This score can also be increased based on the influencer’s expertise or the esteem they’re held in by the industry.

#3. Actionability: Will this person share my content? What content do you want them to share(pictures, re-posts, testimonials)? Are they receptive to communication or closed off and, despite their network, anti-social?


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