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BUS 156 Cuyumaca College Google Management Research

Management Analysis:

  • You will be selecting an organization (private or public) that you would be interested in joining as an employee. Examples would include Microsoft, Apple, Google, Starbucks, FBI, U.S. Air Force, Department of Motor Vehicles, or the City of San Diego. Please give an introduction and history of the organization you will be analyzing.

In the body of your paper you should conduct a management analysis that will address a minimum of five of the following topics during the course of the paper.

  • How is the organization socially responsible?
  • How does the organization foster sustainability in their business practices?
  • How does the organization manage diversity?
  • How does the organization manage global operations (if applicable)?
  • How does the organization foster a creative and entrepreneurial environment?
  • How does the organization make decisions and plan for the future?
  • How does the organization conduct recruiting practices?
  • What is the leadership style that is practiced?
  • How do they ensure that their employees are motivated?
  • How do they facilitate team and group development?
  • How does the organization use technology to integrate and manage operations?
  • What is their organizational culture and climate?

In the concluding portion of your paper, you should recommend certain changes for the organization (for example: how could they create a more entrepreneurial environment, how could they better manage diversity, or how could they be more socially responsible).

General Format:

  1. The paper should be between 5 to 7 pages;
  2. The paper must be typed;
  3. Use headings within the report when appropriate. You should have a cover page, table of contents, and references page (this is not included in the 5-7 pages);
  4. Plan the paper carefully so as to develop an organized and non-redundant report. It should be organized and assembled as a continuous report and should not appear to be several independent segments bound together.
  5. You must have a minimum of five sources. Please cite your sources using MLA or APA Format – (the Writing Center can offer assistance if you do not know how to do this). These five sources must be SCHOLARLY. You should include peer-reviewed, journal articles. I would suggest reaching out to the library if you need help finding these


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