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BUS 303 St Jude High School Reflection and Projection 6 Questions

As you wrap up your BUS 303 experience, this assignment gives you the opportunity to both reflect on
what you’ve learned this semester and project forward to envision your future self. Together, your
reflection and projection should be no more than two, single-spaced pages.
1. Describe three lessons or concepts from this course that you feel were the most valuable to you.
Be specific about what you learned and why it was meaningful or useful. If you find this difficult,
please explain why and provide 2-3 specific suggestions for how this course could be improved
for future business students.
2. Overall, did your professional skills grow during this semester? Why or why not?
3. Describe a time this semester when you did not live up to your own expectations — a time when
your action (or inaction) resulted in a disappointing result. What did you learn from that
experience? What advice would you share with future BUS 303 students who may face similar
circumstances or challenges?
1. What are 2-3 goals you would like to pursue and/or accomplish in your career over the next five
years? Consider the SMART goal method to ensure you are providing detail.
2. Describe 2-3 challenges that might arise as you pursue your future goals. Be specific.
3. What 2-3 professional skills would you use to navigate those challenges and support your
continued development?
Evaluation Criteria
• Did the student identify clear, salient ideas related to professional development throughout the
reflection and projection?
• Did the student thoughtfully reflect on the course to identify specific areas of professional
• Did the student project forward to identify potential challenges based on future goals?
• Did the student identify professional skills that could be used to navigate those challenges and
continue future growth?
• Writing was clear, concise, free of errors, and the appropriate length.


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