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BUS 372 University of Arizona Global Campus CH3 Employee and Labor Relations Essay

Workplace Discrimination

[WLOs: 1, 2] [CLOs: 2, 3, 5]

Workplace culture is important for building a foundation of motivation, high morale, and success. There are policies and laws in place to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. In this assignment, you will examine a scenario, determine if harassment occurred, and discuss HR best practices.

Prior to beginning work on this assignment,

  • Consider reviewing Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 from the textbook.


Chantel’s coworker James recently went through a divorce. In the past few weeks, he has made comments to Chantel that he is lonely and would like to date. Chantel and James are considered friends among coworkers and have had lunch together frequently in the past. Additionally, they have gone out in a social setting with several coworkers. James asks Chantel to go out with him on Friday after work. He suggests they grab dinner and catch a movie. Chantel agrees to go out with him. The following week at work, James asks her out on a date. She thanks James for their prior night out and explains that she does not want to have a romantic relationship with him but will continue to be his friend and support him through his divorce. James waits 2 weeks and then starts asking Chantel to go out again on another date. She again declines the offer, but James does not stop. He keeps asking her to go out with him. Chantel is feeling pressured and she cannot concentrate on her work as she is worried about the constant requests from James. Chantel complains to her supervisor, and the supervisor reports Chantel’s complaint to HR. James is questioned about his behavior and he apologizes to Chantel. He is instructed by HR person to stop asking Chantel out on dates per the antiharassment policy. James does stop for a few weeks, but then seeks a date from her again.

In your paper,

  • Identify the type of potential harassment Chantel is facing at work.
  • Propose at least two resolutions that an HR manager should suggest regarding Chantel’s situation. Explain why these are appropriate resolutions.
  • Discuss the government agency that would be involved in investigating Chantel’s harassment claims.
  • Evaluate how these agencies would be involved in Chantel’s case.
  • Explain the distinction between harassment and discrimination.

The Workplace Discrimination paper


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