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BUSI 2001 Walden University Management Process of The Online Professional Torts Report

Types of Business Law: Part 1

Note: This Assignment consists of three  parts. You will complete and submit Part 1 this week; you will complete  and submit Part 2 in Week 4; and you will complete and submit Part 3 in  Week 5.

Isabella Torres, XYZ CorporationFor  this Assignment, you will assume the role of a junior legal assistant  for the legal department of XYZ Corporation. The organization has  recently undertaken a number of efforts to increase its presence in the  local community and is promoting corporate social responsibility and  positive social change initiatives. The CEO, Isabella Torres, feels  strongly that in order to have the most beneficial effects in the  community, the company needs to set a good example by having a workforce  that is serious about compliance and adherence to regulations. She is  committed to the idea that in order to “do good,” you have to “be good”  in all aspects of the business.

Kate Braverman, XYZ CorporationTo  support these positive social change initiatives and efforts at  ensuring compliance among XYZ Corporation’s employees, Kate Braverman,  Chief Counsel of the Legal Department, leads the company-wide Business  Law and Compliance Fair to showcase some upcoming policy changes and  hold Q&A sessions for all staff members. She asks you to assist with  the Q&A. If someone’s question requires more details than a short  answer can supply, you have been asked to gather the required  information and submit it to your department head for review before  passing it along to the requestor.

Part 1: Torts Report

Cameron from the IT department asks the following:

“We developed and  have been managing an online professional matching service. The  marketing department provided us with photographs and voice files of 10  individuals that we thought were safe for use; however, we have since  found out that the individuals did not know that their information was  going to be published online and made publicly available. They thought  the service was going to be private, in a password-protected  environment. Since the service went live and the identities were  discovered, we have been bombarded with angry phone calls and e-mails  from this group. I need to apologize to these people and discuss this  further with my boss, but my main question is: Did we violate any laws  or has my team exposed the company to possible legal consequences?”

To prepare for this Assignment:

  • Review the Learning Resources, focusing on the definitions and implications of tort law, as well as examples of tort law.
  • Review the Torts Report scenario involving Cameron and his team, which will serve as the basis for your Assignment this week.
  • Refer to the Academic Writing Expectations for 2000/3000-Level Courses as you compose your Assignment.

Submit a Torts Report that addresses the following prompt.

  • Write a report explaining what went wrong in the process detailed in  the Torts Report scenario and what tort violations may have been  committed. You will need to include any possible legal consequences for  the actions of Cameron’s team. You should also include information about  the potential negative effects of this breach of customer data on the  company’s positive social change initiatives and explain what could be  done in the future to prevent this type of situation from occurring  again. (375–525 words, 5–7 paragraphs)


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