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BUSI 2305 Lone Star College Data Driven Decision Making Presentation

For this project, choose an example business decision that needs to be made utilizing data. Your boss is planning to move forward based on a ‘gut’ decision. You need to educate and convince your boss to make use of the data-driven decision-making tools you have learned in this class. Components required for the presentation are:

1. Use and reference the articles linked in this section of D2L.

2. Reference at least 2 tools/concepts from the textbook.

3. Present your case using the structure from the 3rd article, stating the business case, actors etc. (DDDM 3-Developing business decision making models)

4. You must also have some sort of visual presentation, PPT, Prezi, Infographic etc. that you would use in presenting this information to your boss. This visual presentation must contain at least two visual representations of data that support your recommendation.

5. Turn in a one to two-page paper using steps 1-3 above to the first assignment folder. Be sure to cite any sources you use. I’m okay with MLA or APA, use what you are most comfortable with.

6. Turn in your Project Presentation Tool to support your paper that includes the information in step 4 to the second assignment folder below.

Please review the scoring rubrics BEFORE you begin. You should have two separate submissions, one document, and one presentation


In your final project, your charts and graphs must be made by you, not copied from the internet, even if you cite your source. You can use data from the internet to feed into your charts, but you should create them. Your presentation should support your paper. Your paper should be written to convince your boss that they should use data-driven decision-making rather than act on gut instinct. You should mention your boss and the decision they are trying to make. It is not a research paper about data-driven decision-making. If you look at the DDDM3 article it will give you a great outline to start with. Scroll down to the section with the bold business case. You can copy/paste the bold words and use that to outline your paper.


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