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BUSI 4046 University of Fraser Valley Home Renovation Company Business Design Essay

  1. we are starting a home renovation company and we need a New Business Design for our newly started company.
  2. Choose the legal structure for a home renovation an company that you would like to start. we are starting this company in Toronto, Canada.
    • Selecting the appropriate legal form of your business is an important first step. You should examine the legal obligations of your business and the need to meet laws and government regulations. These may encourage you to adopt a legal structure that reduces your liability exposure.
  3. What are the processes and technology that you will need to create your product or service?
    • Now is a good time to think about the processes and technology that your enterprise will require, including the structure of your work. What are the job tasks that will need to be accomplished? How much of each process will each person control? Will one person take the process from beginning to end? Will the tasks require special competencies? What will the “jobs” look like?
  4. What are your human resource needs?
    • Who will do these jobs? Where will you find them? How many of each will you need?
  5. How will you make your organization design scalable?
    • How will your design accommodate the growth you foresee in your enterprise?
  6. Review the rubric for this assignment.
    Activity/Competencies Demonstrated % of Final Grade
    expected to demonstrate competency in regards to critical thinking, communication (spelling and grammar), and APA formatting in their response to the following learning outcomes.
    a. Analysis the pros and cons of alternative business legal formats. /20
    b. Choose an appropriate legal format and discuss why it is the best for the new business. /15
    c. Identify and discuss the processes and technology that the work of the new business will require. /15
    d. Identify the major job tasks and the breadth of work to be accomplished by production of employees. /15
    e. Describe the human resource needs at start-up. /10
    f. Describe how the organization will be scalable to accommodate growth. /10
    g. Demonstrate good organization, including a strong introduction and conclusion. /15
    Total /100
  7. 3 -4 pages


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