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Numbers 1-4 write a minimum of 1200 words and 3 scholarly sources……..for number 5 write 250 words and 2 scholarly sources

1. Organizational Culture at Wells Fargo

“Explicit statements of values, beliefs, and customs usually come from upper management [and] are all formal expressions of an organization’s culture” (Ferrell, Fraedrich & Ferrell, 2013, p. 184). Review Wells Fargo’s stated ethical values in Table 7.1, and answer the following:

1) How do Wells Fargo’s stated ethical values compare with the scandal that was revealed in September 2016, in which Wells Fargo opened and/or applied for more than 2 million credit cards and bank accounts without customers’ knowledge or approval, or more recent claims that Wells Fargo modified mortgages without customer permission?

2. Codes of Conduct

Review the material on Codes of Conduct in Chapter Eight. Then read the debate issue on page 223. Clearly state whether you think:

1) Poorly written (or absent) codes of conduct help explain the widespread misconduct that has been prevalent in the financial industry, or
2) Codes of conduct are only a small part of the ethical culture of an organization and do little to explain the misconduct in the financial industry.

Explain your answer.

3, An Ethical Dilemma – Butterfly Industries

Read the Butterfly Industries scenario on pp. 239-240. Put yourself in Chantal’s position, charged with creating an ethics committee, and answer the following:

1) How can the steps in Chapter Eight help the committee create an effective ethics program?
2) What material from Chapter Nine can be used to manage the program once it is implemented?

4, Ethics Audits

Read the Chapter Nine debate issue on page 263. Clearly state whether you think

1) The BBB Torch Award criteria represented the best audit method for a smaller company, or

2) The audit represent in Table 9.5 offers a better way.

Explain your answer.

5, Reflect on the major ethical issues and dilemmas we have covered in this course. Using the categories in “Ethical Issues and Dilemmas in Business,” (Unit Two, pp. 65-85) identify the area of ethics you believe will have the greatest impact in the future.

1) Briefly describe/define that issue. Using evidence from the text or from outside sources, discuss

  • why the issue is important,
  • the impact you expect it to have on the competitive landscape, and
  • the impact the issue will have on your own attitudes and behaviors.