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MINIMUM 600 words! Must be original (will be submitted to turnitin

Please read and analyze the case “Two Men and a Truck” from Chapter 16 and answer the following questions. Top papers exhibit critical thinking, analysis, originality, and some research.

1. How does a franchise system create value for its global partner?

2. Two Men and a Truck points to the size of the middle class in a country and the population’s mobility as the core factors that guide its market entry into a country and ultimately its success. Explain the company’s reasoning.

3. Which (franchising or simple franchising) describes how Two Men and a Truck export? What is the company really exporting internationally? Please describe.

4. How would you use business analytics to identify exporting opportunities for Two Men and a Truck??

Book: International Business: Competing in the Global Marketplace (11th Edition) by Charles Hill and G. Tomas Hult (2016); McGraw-Hill