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Business Policy And Strategy Instacart Company Presentation


I need a PowerPoint slide for my part you can see our team project details below but you only have to do my part.

Ali Kemal Cakmak will work on point number 7 and 8 will have information by 6/28/21

Our company is Instacart

You will have to do parts 7 and 8 and Powerpoint and also please put what should I read in a presentation on notes in pptx


A significant part of the learning experience in the course is the Team Final Project. The goal of this project is to help you to apply your knowledge and skills, as well as the concepts and frameworks you have learned during the course of this semester. Your team will choose a company (outside of an “Excluded List” that I will provide) that you are interested in analyzing, and get it approved by me. You will then perform an analysis of the company using all the frameworks, concepts, and tools we have covered over the course of the semester to make a recommendation for an appropriate strategy for the company. In general, you can use the following as some guidelines for the Team Final Project:

1.Introduce the company:

a.Purpose / Offerings (Products / Services)

b.Target Customers

c.Infrastructure / Organizational Structures / Leadership

d.Sourcing / Supply Chain

e.Culture / Policies

f.Key Competitors

2.Identify the Key Strategic Issues that the company is currently facing.

3.Perform a Porter’s Five Forces analysis on the Industry in which the company operates, and its implications on the business. Keep this section as short/concise as possible, only identifying those forces that really impact the company and might be responsible for (or at least exacerbate) the Strategic Issues the company faces.

4.Analyze the (macro) external environment factors that have bearing on the industry and company, identifying those that have the biggest impact.

5.Analyze the company’s Mission and Vision Statements, and Core Values.

6.Analyze your company from a Resources-based model perspective, and identify and discuss:



c.Core Competencies

7.Explain the company’s Business-Level and any Corporate-Level Strategy (or Strategies).

8.Explain how the company’s strategies counteract (or not!) the forces in play within the industry (Macroenvironment forces, Porter’s 5 Forces).

9.Explain how the company follows (or doesn’t) the advice from Michael Porter’s “What is Strategy?” article.

10.Diagram a Value Chain for the company and explain how the strategy permeates (or doesn’t) the Value Chain. If you don’t feel this contributes to your analysis/discussion, you can leave it out. Please do not include it for the sake of “checking a box”.

11.Discuss the following with respect to your company/industry, and how they affect the overall strategy of the company:

a.M&A Strategy, if any

b.International Strategy, if any

c.Cooperative Strategy, if any

d.CSR initiatives, if any

12.Make Recommendations on the company’s strategy that might solve the strategic issues that you have identified. Justify your recommendations with the analysis you have done on the elements above. Be persuasive. Use the Blue Ocean Strategy concepts if you would like.

13.Discuss the future outlook of the company and industry, and how you expect the company/industry to have to evolve in the future.


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