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California Coast University Child Abuse Physical or Emotional Harm Memorandum

The attached image file has the requirements for this assignment. Please read requirements carefully and follow all rules. This should be a well written memo. This entry should be memo styled and address all the content. Please use the text book “ Amanda Smith Barusch (2018) Foundations of Social Policy: Social Justice in Human Perspective(cengage). Use this to get information from chapter 3 and 12.

my teacher said “

I recommend that you re-visit Module 3 (chapter 3 & other readings) in our text and since you want to do your paper on Child Abuse, you should read chapter 12, as well. I also recommend that you narrow your focus to a specific area of child abuse. What is it that you are concerned about regarding child abuse? My concern is that child abuse goes un-reported, and children are left to suffer and there should be additional policies to protect them? This should be stated in the paper memo. What policies are needed that don’t already exist (do a little research)? Are you concerned that children who do get reported for child abuse don’t get the services or programs they need? What is needed and how do you think services/programs should be delivered (Are there some model programs out there? Do a little digging). What should be done and what is the expected result? Also, don’t forget to talk about what will happen if we do nothing?
my topic is child abuse please use the text book chapter 3 and 12 to reference from and some outside sources. Don’t forget to APA reference the outside sources please. Make sure you talk about the child abuse story of Gabriel Fernandez story and how the system failed this poor child.
remember this should be written in the style of a memo.

Assessing Policy Analysis/Action Memo.


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