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California Southern University Impact of Physically Active Learning Argumentative Essay

I am writing an argumentative essay, and I need three sources that support my thesis and three sources against my thesis for the counterargument. 

Thesis Statement: Since the professors want the students to be focused and attentive, the class time should not be more than one hour.

Topic Sentence 1: Making the class less than one hour will make the students be focused throughout the entire class.

supporting sentence1: When the student has a class that time less than one hour, he will have the ability to understand the professor’s explanations.

1Supporting sentence 1:The student will be psychologically prepared for the class because he will have the idea that the class is understandable.

1 counterargument1: being focused in the class is the student’s responsibility because we should not make several students who are not attentive.

2: Making the class time more than one hour will make the students uncomfortable about the class.

2 SP: Since the class is more than one hour, the students will expect that the class is difficult to focus on.

2 SP: since the class is short, the students try to focus on the explanations because the class is short, and there will not be much information.

2CA: As we try to help the students, then we should also try to help the professor by giving them the time they need.

3: Making the class longer is unhealthy for some students.

SP: Some students cannot sit in a chair for more than one hour because they have chronic diseases that prevent them from sitting for more than one hour.

3SP: Some students will be depressed because the class is longer than they can stand.

3 CA: there should be a break for those who have chronic diseases, and the class time should be as much as the professor needs.


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