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California State University Explain the Traffic Congestion Experienced in Tampa MEMO

the project is already written and ill attache it but it needs improvement and answer some questions:

##The project:

A report in memo format that describes your problem(Traffic Congestion in Tampa) in detail using all the research you have conducted. The memo should have the following section headings:

  • Background Information
  • Explanation of the Problem
  • Causes of the Problem
  • Impacted Population(s)

You need to check:

  • The writer has explicitly identified the purpose of the research summary in the beginning of the document and has consistently maintained that aim throughout the document.
  • The writer has identified the target audience for the research summary in the beginning of the document, and addressed the target audience consistently throughout the document.
  • The writer has effectively applied principles of document design to create a research summary that is visually appealing and easily readable by the target audience and appropriately used the conventions and design of the selected genre.
  • The writer has included a cogent explanation of the problem, potential causes, and affected populations to be considered and included relevant background information in order to persuade their audience that this problem deserves serious attention.
  • The writer integrated multiple sources of information from a diversity of perspectives to create a research summary complete with a variety of quantitative and qualitative information that lends credibility to the writer and works persuasively on the
  • The writer utilizes concise diction, logical paragraph construction, and appropriate professional tone throughout the document.
  • Overall, the writer effectively integrated multiple sources to create a well-designed, concise research summary of a localized, workplace problem. The summary conforms to the genre expectations of a memo report and provides all the necessary information to appropriately contextualize the problem, its causes, and impacted populations.

You can add more references

Also, Explanation: How to improve?

Be sure to explain WHAT your problem is before delving into the HOW and WHY

questions. As appropriate, you should also situate the local problem in a larger (think

regional/national) context.

Make sure you consider all aspects of your issue. And then, ask questions, and delve

into the specifics. Connect the issues to your audience and select the information most

Part 2: Answer these qoestions

  1. Is the purpose of the memo clearly clearly stated and consistently made throughout the document?
  2. Have you focused on a problem at USF or in the local community? Do you have research that explains the local problem?
  3. Are all claims/statements made in the memo supported and/or grounded in research?
  4. Are the connections clear between the research and the claims made? Is the research actually saying what the memo claims it says?
  5. Are the types of research used appropriate for the subject?
  6. Is all data fairly and accurately represented in the text and/or visually?
  7. Is the content and tone of your report tailored to the specific needs and expectations of the target audience?
  8. Is the document in proper memo format with all required headings?
  9. Is all research properly cited in the text of the memo?
  10. Do you have a “notes,” “references,” or “works cited” page that clearly directs your audience to any cited sources?


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