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California State University Northridge Aviation Security Disasters Discussion

Answer the following questions after you complete chapter 3, “Learning from Aviation Security Disasters”. Then respond to two classmate’s posts once I submit this discussion post.

BOOK: Birkland, T. A. (2020). An Introduction to the Policy Process, 5th edition. New York: Routledge.

How did the three major aviation security disasters (TWA, Pan-Am, and 9/11) influence the agenda? 

Was the institutional agenda influenced by the other types of agendas as well? 

Peer responses

!Kirvani KhanagwalSaturdayOct 30 at 3:49pmManage Discussion EntryAs a result of the three major aviation security disasters, aviation security became priority. Congress, investigating commissions, government agencies, and interest groups all focused on how to keep attackers and hijackers off the airplanes. Since flights is one of the most common modes of travel, the aviation sectors security was taken more seriously. The attacks of September 11 changed the nations perception on both the probability of such a catastrophic terrorist attack and perception of the consequences as a result of the attacks. Some other changes were made as-well as a result of the attacks such as Marshals, security of the cockpit, provide security training, passenger profiling, airport access control, and background checks. 

Ashley Platero

SaturdayOct 30 at 5:05pmManage Discussion EntryThese three major aviation security disasters influenced the Agenda because these Agenda move issues from the systematic Agenda to the institutional Agenda. If the policy issue becomes serious enough, or in the case of the Aviation disasters, the policymakers such as governors and congress decide how to act on the particular topic. All of these disasters led to the policymakers doing something. And it is pushed forward in the agenda-setting process. After all these aviation disasters, all the policymakers decided that something needed to be done, especially after 9/11 and the past two aviation disasters, the United States established the Department of Homeland Security and enforced their immigration laws. They made policy changes and set new policies such as the Patriot Act. They surveillance everything through the Department of Homeland Security, and they made airports more secure, immigration more secure, and air travel in general.



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