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Cambrian College House Renovation Project

1. Assignment Background and Description

To complete this assignment successfully, you will need to develop a project charter. You may use the Internet to
research a case for your project proposal, but you must cite your sources.
The scope of your project proposal needs to be large enough with enough complexity to be able to be used to assess
your project management abilities as outlined in the learning outcomes of the course outline. It also needs to be large
enough to justify the need for a project team consisting of three-four people.
Each team will create and submit a unique project charter which needs to be a new project, or a substantially
different project than what you may have done previously.
Please be sure to email your project idea to your professor, before you continue with the assignment.

2. High-Level Requirements

The charter must include all the elements in section 4.1.3 of the PMBOK. You must use the charter template
from the Book of Forms as a starting point, but may tailor it (add components, not delete) to better suite your specific
case scenario.
Assumption Log: You also need to include an assumption log. At this point, the assumption log will contain any
assumptions you have had to make in order to create your charter. The assumptions need to be clearly stated and be
actionable. The actions should be assignable as tasks to those responsible for the assumption to be turned into a fact.
Group Activity Log: All group members must contribute equally in the assignment submission. Please see the
assignment rubric for tools that can be used to demonstrate group participation.

3. Deliverables

A single MS Word document containing a “Title Page”, a “Table of Contents” generated by MS Word, a “Business
Case”, a completed “Project Charter”, and an “Assumption Log”. See Moodle for templates of each document.


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