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Capella University Grant Planning and Project Design in the Health Field Discussion

Grant Planning and Project Design

For your initial post to this discussion, look at the grant for which you will submit a proposal and answer the following questions:

Who needs to be involved with planning?

What resources are going to be needed?

Is your organization capable of carrying out the grant objectives?

Does your planning team feel it is a worthwhile endeavor?

Response Guidelines

Read the initial posts of the other learners and respond to two. In each response, ask for clarification of anything that is unclear in the learner’s post or offer suggestions for overcoming any challenges the learner faces.

Learning Components

This activity will help you achieve the following learning components:

Identify common stakeholders in community assessments.

Identify common indicators of community strength.

Identify the strengths of a human services organizationUnit 4-dq1

COLLAPSE Reply to Classmate Below

Charissa Foster

Unit 4-dq1

The team that is part of the grant planning and writing project will be the ones that are involved in everything. Each section will get broken down into teams so that everyone can be able to work together to get the job done. There will be no need to hire an outside organization to assist with the planning. Objectives are the organizational structures that make up the project, which are themselves composed of activities. These are all created to accomplish the goals (Carr, 2014).

The resources that are needed is numbers within the different health department and the people that are looking into getting vaccine either for themselves or their family. This will be the first stop. The organization is capable of carrying out a grant objective especially with all that is going on around the world. The objective is to make sure that everyone has access to the vaccines and medicine that they need no matter what their, age, race, or background is. The planning team does feel like it is a worthwhile endeavor because for so many years people are not able to receive the medical attention they need for so many different reasons but keeping vaccines at the top of the list is a free service.


Carr, Cynthia E. The Nuts Et Bolts of Grant Writing. Sage, 2014.


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