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Capella University Workplace Spirituality Annotated Bibliography

This assignment focuses on writing an annotated bibliography for academic writing and research. You will use the literature you have found, and recorded in your research log to support your proposed research topic and associated school of thought. In this assignment, you will create an evaluative type of annotated bibliography. See the Annotated Bibliography presentation in the assignment resources for more information about annotated bibliography types. It will help you in writing your annotated bibliography. Your bibliography should include articles that support your topic, and articles that demonstrate how your selected school of thought aligns with your topic. This bibliography will be used in the next week’s assignment to defend your selected school of thought and in the final course assignment in Week 10.

Also, see Psychology Ph.D. Library Research Guide – Researching Schools of Thought for more information.


Write a 4–8 page annotated bibliography of scholarly sources related to your proposed research topic and associated school of thought. To complete your annotated bibliography for this assignment include the following components.

  • Analyze scholarly articles that support your research topic and school of thought choice.
  • Describe how the articles build your argument for the proposed study you will conduct.
  • Create an annotated bibliography summarizing the articles.
  • Include annotation that evaluates the ideas discussed for each resource.

Additional Requirements

  • Length: Your annotated bibliography assignment should be 4–8 typed and double-spaced pages.
  • References: Minimum of 10 peer-reviewed resources.
    • Resources should be relevant to, and support, your research topic, and demonstrate that your choice of the school of thought is appropriate.
  • Formatting: Use correct APA style and format, paying particular attention to citations and references. Visit Evidence and APA for information about APA.
    • Each resource should be listed in proper APA format and followed by an annotation that evaluates the ideas discussed.
    • Do not summarize the article or provide details of the study it reports, et cetera. Rather, describe how the article helps you build your argument for the proposed study you will conduct.


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