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Case Western Reserve Idea of Completing Fairy Tales Through Narration Discussion

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1-One thing you think the class should not miss (what is important?)

2-One thing you think the class should not miss (what is important?)

second assignment 

Scholarly research can begin with arguing against someone else’s ideas or further proving someone else’s point of view–Look at is as entering into a conversation. We would have practiced this in class, and we will practice again with other articles. When entering a conversation, you know not to simply repeat what has just been said, but to reply/respond to it moving the conversation in a specific direction. Research can work the same way. 

Follow the steps below using the Alan Dundes essay, “Fairy Tales from a Folkoristic Perspective” (found in the textbook on page 387, also as a pdf in the Handouts & Readings folder in Blackboard).  

For the critical essay, read and mark comments or sections you agree with and disagree with or have a serious question about. Then, choose the one quote/section that most interests you or emotionally engages you, and work through the steps below.

  1. Include the quote, exactly as it appears in the essay. 
  2. Write a one sentence statement about why you agreed or disagreed with the quote or why you question it (or want to know more).
  3. Look at how the original statement was supported—what proof was presented? (see step four for list)
  4. What could you use to support your idea (either additional proof or something that would disprove Dundes’ ideas)?

Aim for approximately 150 words.

third one

We read quite a bit about history, faire, and the literary approach of Fairy Tales during the week. Think back over the ideas presented in those readings and answer the following:

What idea(s) stood out as the most interesting? (Imagine that had you all the time in the world, so you’d probably read a bit more about…what?) Explore your answer in writing to discover what part of that research or literature appeals to you. The act of research? The quest for knowledge? Because it ties in to something else you love/do? 


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