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Casey Anthony Digital Evidence Analysis

In this assignment, you will provide a detailed analysis of Casey Anthony digital forensics and faults identified in the digital investigation. Using the prior writing assignment and forms, you will review the attached articles and then present your analysis of the role digital evidence held in the Casey Anthony trial and what could have been done to prevent the errors which occurred. Finally, you will provide a partial response as if you were to testify in court as a digital forensics evidence expert, on your analysis of the Casey Anthony evidence.

In your paper, you will want to answer the following topics:

A. Provide a detailed analysis of the Casey Anthony digital forensics and faults identified in the digital investigation.

B. Identify at least one (1) major flaw in how the digital evidence was searched/examined and explain why it affected the case.

C. Identify at least one (1) way this flaw could have been prevented and explain how you would do it.

D. Write a brief summary (using 1st person) on what your testimony would be in court regarding your findings (remember, take the perspective of being an expert and how you want to present your evidence).

All of this should be within a written paper of 4-6 pages. Please include a title page and a reference page. You do not need to use any of the items I have provided, but everything you need to write this paper is provided in the attachments to this assignment.

Here is the Casey Anthony case report and analytical comparison of forensics tools used. Please be sure to review this article outlining the digital forensic analysis process and this article about web browser forensics… Here is an article discussing Casey Anthony searches… , one about evidence discrepancies. and one about testifying in court… Here is a lengthy guide about Digital Evidence in the Courtroom.


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