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CC Fixing Sentences Terms of Conditional Statements Analysis

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VI. Fill in the blanks with “necessary” or “sufficient” to make the following statements true. After the blanks have been filled in, express the result in terms of conditional statements.

?1. Being a tiger is a condition for being an animal.

2. Being an animal is a condition for being a tiger.

3. Drinking a glass of water is a condition for quenching one’s


?4. Having a racket is a condition for playing tennis.

5. Heating water is a condition for brewing coffee.

6. Stepping on a cat’s tail is a condition for making the cat yowl.

?7. Burning leaves is a condition for producing smoke.

8. Paying attention is a condition for understanding a lecture.

9. Being exactly divisible by 4 is a condition for a number being even.

?10. Uttering a falsehood is a condition for telling a lie.

So this is the first party. And here’s the second part.

I. Identify the kind of causality intended by the following statements. Is the cause a sufficient condition, necessary condition, or both sufficient and necessary condition?

?1. Throwing a brick through a window will cause the window to break.

2. Heating an iron rod causes it to expand.

3. Slashing an inflated automobile tire with a knife will cause it to go flat.

?4. Releasing the shutter of a digital camera causes an image to appear on the


5. Pulling the trigger of a gun causes it to fire.

6. Wetting litmus paper with an acid causes it to turn red.

?7. Pouring water on a wood fire will cause it to be extinguished.

8. Eating contaminated food will cause one to become ill.

9. Stretching a spring causes it to exert an opposing force.

?10. Flipping the wall switch to the “up” position causes the overhead lights to go on.


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