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CC Internalize Every Sense of The Information & Speakers Body Language Essay

It is time for next discussion in this course. This discussion is about importance of listening in interpersonal contexts (see page 196 in textbook). Let us get to know one another more by discussing your listening styles (see page 199 in textbook) and listening responses (see page 207 in textbook). Please remember to adhere to Netiquette guidelines as outlined on page 10 of course syllabus.

Instructions book called Interplay isbn number 9780190646257


Why is listening important? Why is listening more than hearing?

Complete the assessment entitled “Your Listening Styles” (Links to an external site.) from chapter 7. Which styles do you use more? Why? Less? Why?

What tips can you give to become a more effective listener after reading chapter 7?


  • Why is listening important? Why is listening more than hearing?

Listening is important because it allows us to demonstrate that we are paying attention to the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of the other person. This is crucial to maintaining productive relationships, and sometimes the only way to establish communication. listen is better than hearing because one is able to process the information better and such that once can avoid misunderstandings. Listening also establishes a sense of trust and respect.

After completing the assessment, I realized I tend to rely on relational, analytical and task listening more than critical listening. I am highly interested on the message the speaker is trying to reach out and preferably if they are quick to get to the point. I am also slow to judge and I wait until one has finished talking so I can make a judgement. This helps me to fully understand one’s way of thinking so that I know how to respond. Sometimes I apply critical listening especially in an argument to know when someone is lying to me. I am a very keen listener which makes me to catch contradictory statements.

  • What tips can you give to become a more effective listener after reading chapter 7?

After reading chapter 7, I have learnt that effective listening involves actively listening to a speaker and consuming the information that he/she is giving before making a judgement. By making a judgement before the speaker is done speaking, you may miss some of the ideas being shared or the whole point that he/she was trying to reach out. I would also advise someone to read the mood of the speaker to gain a deeper understanding of the feelings of the speaker. Some topics may have a stronger emotional appeal on someone such that you can see sadness or joy as they speak. Hence I feel it is important to understand one’s feelings so that you know when to stop or to go on with a conversation.


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