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CC Negative Effects of Isolated Families & Psychological Disorders Paper

( This is my assignment 👇 you see all the details and please read it carefully, you dont have to use advanced English words, and it must be in MLA) Thanks

art I: Answer the following questions:

What do you know about the negative effects of isolation on families? Please explain in detail (give examples) while responding to the question. Part 1 needs to be 200 or more words.

Part II: Community Resources

After answering the question above, now use your past experience/knowledge and describe a family (this can be an imaginary family or a real one-if it is a real one, please respect the privacy of the family and do not include any personal information; i.e., names, address, city, etc) that is experiencing isolation due to different problems and difficulties; i.e., homelessness, job loss, lack of health insurance, mental illness, substance abuse, run-away youth, losing a family member (death), divorce, stress, etc.

Next, I need you to research your immediate area (county, city) and find a community resource(s) that would be a good match with this particular family and their particular need(s).

Later, provide us some information on this community resource and the services that it provides. Please remember to include the contact information, address, services, programs, etc.

Part 2 must be 300 or more words.

Part 1 +Part 2=minimum 500 words (without quotes)

(Your assignment must be written in your own words (if you use information from other sources you must give credit for the original source and the quotes will not included in the minimum word requirement). Please type your report by using 12-point-font size, Times-New Roman, double-space, standard margin)

ECD 62- Assignment Grading Rubric


Mostly YES


Mostly NO

1. You followed the guidelines that were provided. You produced a well-written and reflective assignment.




2. Your assignment includes your personal touch/opinion/ideas to the assignment or activity, and it is written in your own words and you deeply reflect on your experiences.




3. Your assignment is complete. and you have a strong conclusion section which demonstrates your clear understanding of the concepts covered in this particular section.




4. It is free of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.


Less than 10 errors



Attempt 1

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