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CC Primary Source Summaries Discussion

Summaries of 2-3 Unfiltered, Primary Sources to Use in Your Evidence Review

The summaries are assigned to lend paraphrasing and APA practice, as well as ensure you have the appropriate type of sources (unfiltered, primary) for your evidence review in Focus 4. They also allow me to take a closer look at the sources you’ve chosen in case you need to find a new source that may work better with your focused question.

1. Each summary should comprise approximately 1-2 pages and should illustrate the study in the article — its objectives, methods, and outcomes.

2. Follow the summary with a brief description of how the source addresses your focused question and why you chose it above all others.

3. Head each summary with the proper APA reference citation (as it will appear on your reference list).

4. Find example summaries assignments under Course Resources — Helpful Documents (at the top of the Modules list).

5. Include the following information in each summary:
   a. Authors’ credibility
   b. The questions the authors explore
   c. The methods the authors use to answer/explore the questions
   d. The authors’ results, including specific evidence/data
    e. A description of the author’s overall discussion

6. Do not plagiarize the source! If you quote material, put it in quotation marks, and follow it with a proper citation. When you paraphrase, contextualize. (For example, “In a discussion of the results, Smith (2010) cites several specific case studies. One patient in particular …”). Contextualizing lets your reader know what is going on in the source when the paraphrased/quoted material is initially discussed. See me with questions about this. Overall, however, the summaries should be in your words; paraphrase whenever possible. Keep the quoted material to a minimum. Do not use the first or second person points of view (no I, me, my, you, we, our, us). Try to digest the source thoroughly; then, set it aside. Write the summary initially without looking at the source. This will ensure it is in your words. It will also ensure your familiarity with the source.

7. Only two sources are required; however, if you would like to add a third source, that is fine. I do need to approve it, however, so please follow the same procedure for all three sources. You will submit no more than three summaries.

8. Double-space the document, and use 12pt. Times New Roman font (APA requirements).

9. Submit as a .doc or .docx document.


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