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CC Sexual Orientation Sociology Discussion

Sexual  orientation is a significant source of inequality. LGBT individuals  experience bullying, taunting, and violence; they may experience  employment discrimination; and they are not allowed to marry in most  states. Because of the stress of living as LGBT, they are at greater  risk than heterosexuals for several types of physical and mental health  problems.

On a macro level, how should the U.S. move to be more inclusive of the LGBT community?

After your answer, reply to two of your classmates.


Dominique Guzman  (She/Her/Hers)        

Along  side with many other issues that split our people, this should be the  least of what concerns the United States. Sexual preference should not  determine nor limit anyones opportunities, especially if it involves the  freedom they’re entitled to. Sometimes people’s reactions are to be  cruel to what they don’t yet understand and although we’d like to assume  the best of our neighbors, reality kicks in with a harsh punch and  denies anything from “normal.” We’ve adopted this normality into our  world thats structured and on a macro-level, I believe if we’ve taught  the generation forth to be more welcoming and curious of what is not  them, that would surely poke the minds of our youth and allow them to  discover on their own rather than have this negative presumption. Taking  part of this community, I feel It is important to be a voice in change,  to continue the fight and seek a better tomorrow. Any monumental  movement within history started with one voice, we should continue on to  teach and learn in unity.


Olivia Flores         

There  are many ways the U.S can move in a positive direction to be more  inclusive of the LGBT community. To be able to make schools and  workplaces educated of the community. As well as tolerate no  discrimination against people no matter their sexual orientation or  gender identity. Giving this opportunities to those in the community  will give them more freedom to be themselves and will fear less  judgment. Another way to be more inclusive is LGBT community having  nondiscriminatory health care services and insurance. As well as  protecting their civil rights when engaged in the criminal legal system  and law enforcement.


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