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CC Social Group & Different Agents of Socialization Discussion

For this discussion, reflect on the different agents of socialization  such as family, peer groups, school, religion, and the media. Pick 2 agents of socialization  and state how you have been socialized by the social group agent and  explain how the social group agent impacts or contributes to the  socialization process. Think about what roles we learn from the agents,  what do we learn about society, what do we learn about gender and sex,  etc. 

If you are using the media as one of your examples you can include images or video links from YouTube. 

(Refer to Chapter 5 in your textbook). 

Respond to one post with thoughtful feedback. Not responding to a  post will result in points deducted. Not addressing the prompts will  result in points deducted. 


Daylen Pedroza


Jul 28 at 8:37pm

One of the agents socialization is family. I have social influence throughout my life with my family. Within the family I found a role model, my mother. The reason she has been my role model is because when times get rough she never let anything get in the way. I have an influence in this way because life isn’t the easiest may have ran into so many problems. This has contributed to my socialization process that has always been able to keep moving forward when I run into others with similar situations. I am able to use what I’ve learned about my ears and influenced others around me. Another agents of socialization is social groups. Within my social group of football we socially interact amongst each other. One reason football has made me socially engage is because every year we have new kids come on the roster and the sport itself brings in bonds we never new could happen. I am influenced by this social group because no matter the situation I’m in I always know how to socialize kindly with others. This influences my social process for others that come in timid or shy into new places and I slowly get them to engage or open up whether it’s the first time or not.


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