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CC Structure of Cell Questions

  • make sure your responses to each question completely answer the question
  • if you use scientific terminology in your answer, make sure you define these terms
  • be sure to explain your answers in your own words; it is a much better indicator that you understand a concept if you can explain it yourself; it is even better if you can explain it using non-scientific wording, the way you would explain this concept to a patient or a relative
  • Work your way through the following questions, based on this week’s lecture. Make sure your response provides a complete answer to each question (probably about a paragraph).
  • Prokaryotes Concept Questions
    1. Explain the differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

    2. Describe the significance of size to a cell, and the impact this has on eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells.

    3. Describe the makeup of the cell membrane in biology, and how this affects its function. What modification would you find to the membrane in high-temp Archaea?

    4. Describe the makeup of the bacterial flagella, and describe how it works. What would happen if a chemical attractant was in the environment?

    5. What are some functions of the cell wall? What is the significance of the periplasm?

    6. Describe what you would find in a typical Gram + cell wall? A G- cell wall?

    7. Describe the structure of peptidoglycan. Where else do you find the two aminosugars that make up the glycan strand? What is the significance of a β1-4 linkage? What is the significance of D- vs L- isomers of amino acids?

    8. Describe the makeup of LPS. What two molecules does a G- LPS always contain?

    9. Several molecules that makeup peptidoglycan and LPS are unique, either to bacteria or to individual species of bacteria. What are some of these molecules, and what is the significance of that to causing and preventing infection by bacteria?

    10. Draw a typical bacterial cell, and include the typical structures you would find inside and out. Give a brief description of what these features do.


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