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CDE 117 Saddleback College Psychology Teaching Diverse Society Essay

part 1:

For this extra credit reflection please watch this brief  video

then read the attached document (understanding white privilege) where Frances Kendall takes us through her own personal journey and describes the different crucibles that were significant in her life, then address the following: 

1. In one paragraph discuss which of Frances’ crucibles was the most interesting to you and why?

2. In one paragraph discuss which crucible you personally relate to the most and how?  (Remember to consider all areas of privilege as you prepare to answer. So, if you are not White, then consider the crucible’s as they might apply to your ability level, sexuality, class level, or gender, etc.)

3. Briefly reflect on the video and share one of your own experiences, or on the experience of someone you know. 

part 2:

The goal of this Assignment is to reflect and learn about your family and more narrowly define your culture. As explained in your California Department of Education Family Partnerships and Culture Curriculum Guide, the questions noted in your reading are not necessarily intended to be directly asked of families in your program as they are written, “but are for reflection, to help assess one’s own understanding of important aspects of one’s own family and the lives of the families served” in the programs and classrooms where you will work. The CDE guide continues on to explain that, “these questions provide an opportunity to reflect on one’s own cultural beliefs and the impact of one’s cultural perspectives and experiences on judgments about cultural beliefs and practices of others”. Taking the time to reflect in this area can help you to evaluate the potential future influence of your own experiences on the teaching approaches and interactions you engage in with the children and families you will work with. (SLO #3) 

attached 2 documents 

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