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Cedar Crest College Person Cultural Stand Benefits Writing Essay

Question 1: Just ONE question this week for your reflective journals, but it will require you to conduct a brief experiment.

This week, you were assigned a TED Talk to watch. The speaker posed the question, “Are you biased?” – and she suggested that you try a technique to “flip it to test it” when it comes to identifying bias. The video included several examples that can help show how we might have unconscious biases that we are not even aware of as influences in how we go about our daily interactions.

Consider your future nursing career, and the variety of patients you will serve. An example of using the “flip it to test it” technique in health care might be something like this: you are caring for a person who is one religion, race, or gender; and, you pause to ask yourself if you would be providing care any differently, if the patient was from a different religion, race, or gender.

This takes practice. So, for this journal entry, you are asked to do the following:

  • Find an opportunity to try the “flip it to test it” technique. This could be during an interaction with a fellow classmate, a stranger, or even when looking at a product slogan or ad (similar to some of the examples given in the TED Talk).
  • Reflect on your experience of “flipping it” and what you learned from trying this technique to uncover unconscious biases within yourself.
  • ————————————————————————————————————————————
  • Purpose:Reflective journaling is an evidence-based practice that assists students with strengthening personal knowledge of self as well as assimilating course concepts into their existing base of knowledge, skills, and attitudes.Process:
  • Students will be provided with weekly reflective journaling prompts that address course topics, readings, and classroom exercises. Reflective journals will be submitted online to the learning management system (Canvas) via a text entry box provided on the journal submission link. Respond to the specific questions assigned each week as the primary focus of your reflection.
    You may also reflect on additional topics, thoughts, or experiences as desired.
    NOTE: This assignment is set up to automatically award full points to students upon submission of their reflective journals to the online system; however, the instructor will review submissions and may deduct or adjust points if submissions do not meet the expected criteria as outlined in the rubric shown below and in the course syllabus.
    20-19 points
    18-17 points
    16-0 points
    Evidence of deep, insightful, reflection and personal learning associated with the classroom topics, readings, and journal questions. Reflective statements incorporate material explored in that week’s specific class.
    Reflection responses total at least 150 words in length.
    Evidence of adequate reflective thought and personal learning associated with the classroom topics, readings, and journal questions.
    Reflection responses total at least 150 words in length.
    Provides minimal reflective thought, does not clearly demonstrate personal learning that occurred or did not complete weekly journal. Reflection responses total less than the required length.
    Total Possible Points = 20 per each journal


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