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CEFS 546 West Liberty University Working as An Intern Discussion

The Live Supervision Self-Reflection Assignment is an exercise intended to prompt you to
engage in the process of reflective learning while demonstrating self-awareness, self-evaluation,
and the ability to develop a specific action plan that will aid in improving counseling skills and
professionalism. You will complete this assignment in correlation with the Live Supervision
option selected for Internship supervision.
The assignment must be 3-5 pages long, and it must address the following questions:
1. Professionalism: What Professional issues were considered in working with this
client? (e.g. Maintaining control of session, Identifying red flag issues, awareness of
self in session, ethical considerations, site superviors discussions, site policies etc.)
you encountered or observed during your Practicum? How did your site and
supervisor address those ethical issues? What have you learned from your supervisor
and from reading the ACA Code of Ethics on how to address these ethical issues?
2. Counseling Skills: What basic skills were used in this counseling session? What
skills did you incorporate easily and what skills did you see that could be improved or
added to this session?
3. Counseling Theories: What main theoretical approach was guiding your interaction
with this client? Is your theory of choice congruent with the client’s worldview as
related to the presenting problem? Does your theory of choice offer an reasonable
explanation for how the treatment plan will help address presenting problem
concerns? Does your theory of choice offer some sense of hope to the client that
presenting problems can be addressed?
4. Reflection of Treatment/Action Plan: Were you able to gain a collaborative
agreement with client as to actions that might be helpful in addressing presenting
problem concerns? Were you successful at implementing the action plan you
intended to implement with this client? What counseling techniques contributed
meeting client goals? What types of homework assignments were given to clients?
What action plan do you have for your own growth as a result of reviewing your work
with this client?
5. Biblical Worldview: How does your Christian faith influence your view of
counseling work with this client?
Please follow the current APA guidelines. You may use 1st person in this assignment.
Appropriate sources include textbooks and empirically-reviewed journal articles and if
cited in the paper, should be referenced appropriately.


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